Python / Django / Flask / Docker / AWS  -  Senior Python Developer

Senior Python Developer


Candidate description

Experienced Software Developer with 6.5 years in Python, 15 years of experience developing C++ and 4 years in C; on Windows, OSX and Linux.  Full development lifecycle.  I have excellent oral and written communication skills.  I have a strong aptitude for learning new languages and technologies.  I’m keenly proactive and have a willingness to take ownership of solutions.  I am very conscientious.
Skills summary

Languages:                 Python (2 and 3), C++, C, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, TTCN-2, a little Ruby

Libraries:                   Qt, PyQt, STL, Boost, TR1, ATL, Bootstrap, Chart.js

Technologies:             Django, Flask, RESTful Web Services, Sockets, Bottle, Beaker, Cheetah,

JSON, NGINX, Docker, Apache 2, South, COM, MFC, UML, XML, .NET, CAN, FlowCloud, Serverless, AWS, Lambda, zappa, familiarity with Wagtail.

Protocols:                   VoIP/SIP, ISDN/Telephony, Q.931, RTP, 2G (GSM), 3G (RRC only), TCP/UDP

Operating Systems:    MS/DR-DOS, Windows 3.11 to Windows 10, Mint Linux, OpenWRT linux, Ubuntu/Red Hat

                        Enterprise Linux (cloud and local), OSX, iOS

Compilers:                  Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008/2010, X-Code, Borland 3, 5.02, 5.5, Borland Builder 3, 4,


Methodologies:           Agile, Extreme programming, KANBAN, Waterfall

Databases:                 MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MariaDB, SQLite3, CassandraDB, MS SQL server, CouchDB

Source Control Tools:  TortoiseSVN, SVN, TortoiseHg (Mercurial), PVCS, Visual Source Safe, Git, GitLab/BitBucket, Gerrit, MKS Integrity/MKS source, ClearCase

  Build Tools:                Hudson, Cruise Control, Jenkins

  Other Tools:               Fitnesse, Microsoft Project, Excel, Word, OpenOffice, Redmine, DOORS, ClearQuest, Jira,

                                    AlFresco, BitBucket, Confluence