Strategic Talent Acquisition

The time it takes to attract and acquire talent in the tech pool can often blindside projects. A cost you can’t afford if you’re hiring in a new city or scaling up after a round of investment.

Get methodical

With our Strategic Talent Acquisition product, you’ll find the right candidate – and your projects will go uninterrupted. By applying our 12-step process, we guarantee your offering is watertight and attracts the best talent in the market. 

Starting with a workshop to create and crystallise your value proposition, we develop your recruitment brand and launch campaigns to increase awareness. Forever conscious of your cultural alignment, we cut out the agony of CV sifting and remove those unsuited to your organisation.

Of course, we can’t run the interview process entirely ourselves. However, we will provide training for all internal stakeholders to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

We factor in the context of your industry and perform a competitor analysis before starting work to determine a compelling salary, relevant employee benefits and other notable perks.