About Nixor

At Nixor, we pride ourselves on knowing developers and the developer industry inside out. With over a decade’s worth of experience and insight into the developer recruitment field, we’re the best partner if you’re looking for a high candidate retention rate and someone who knows everything there is to know! All our team members are highly experienced across the developer recruitment sphere, putting us in a unique position compared to the majority of recruitment agencies.

It’s our overarching aim to ‘rise above the noise’ of the generic, unengaging communications that developers receive from recruiters on a daily basis. To do this we take extra care to ensure that the quality of all our interactions with candidates is always of the highest standard communicated in such a way where candidates always feel understood, heard and listened to. As a result, this means on average we get four times as many CV’s through for each role that we work on meaning that our network is growing at an incredible rate (four times that of our competitors!). 

All our client-facing Consultants are highly knowledgeable and have a deep understanding of the software engineering sector and the roles in question. You won’t get an inexperienced, graduate recruiter talking to your potential candidates. This means that we always get the right people for the right jobs, time and time again. 

To highlight the high level of service we provide to our clients and candidates, both of our Co-Founders, James and Sam, continue to actively recruit on behalf of our clients. It is incredibly rare within the developer recruitment sector, and the general recruitment sector more broadly, for individuals in such senior positions to play such an active daily role in the recruitment process. Having James and Sam at the forefront of the recruitment process for our clients and candidates ensures that our high standards of service remain consistent bringing ongoing value for our clients. 

This personal and friendly approach led by our Founders remains a key foundation of our workplace culture. 

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