Challenge us to talk your kind of talent

We’ve placed hundreds of software developers in companies of all shapes and sizes - so we’re all too aware of the never-ending problems clients face when recruiting in this space. By taking the time to understand what you’re trying to achieve, and what makes your company different, we help you find - and secure - the right devs for the task at hand.

Strategic Talent Acquisition built around you

Hiring in a new city? Starting a new project? Scaling up after a round of investment?

Finding technical staff can be a challenge at the best of times, but this becomes even more difficult when you enter new territories or need to recruit at scale. To put it simply, this isn’t your run of the mill hiring.

That’s why we’ve a developed a product that supports the entire journey. Our 12-step process ensures you find the best talent in the market, whilst not spending all your waking hours doing recruitment.

Whether that’s mapping a new talent pool, technical support for interviewing or building a comprehensive marketing campaign to elevate your roles above the competition, our strategic talent branding is just what you need.


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