Crafting your value proposition: A guide for CTO's

In the dynamic world of technology, the role of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has never been more critical. As a CTO, you are the bridge between technology and business operations, shaping strategies, driving innovation, and ensuring that technology delivers real-world outcomes. Whether you're actively seeking a new role or passively exploring opportunities, articulating your unique value proposition is crucial.

In this post, we'll guide you through the process of creating a compelling value proposition and CV that highlights your unique skills and experiences. We'll explore key questions that will help you define your core value, identify your ideal business environment, and understand your target audience.

Identifying Your Core Value

The first step in crafting your value proposition is understanding the unique value you bring to a business. As a CTO, your core value often lies in your ability to determine and execute strategies that align with the company's vision. You bring together technology and business operations to deliver tangible benefits.

You are the link between business users and technology development teams, shaping the approach to utilise technology and realise its benefits. Your role is not just about how a product is made, but more importantly, who it's sold to and how it's sold.

Understanding Your Technical Competencies

While technical competencies are essential, they may be less relevant if you're more focused on commercial and strategic aspects. However, understanding your technical competencies and the gaps you can fill is still crucial. This understanding allows you to position yourself as a valuable asset who can provide solutions to specific technical challenges.

Defining Your Career Aspirations

Your career aspirations should align with your core value and competencies. You may aspire to a senior role (VP C suite) in strategy, operations, customer success, or vision. You might also see potential in a Chief of Staff role in the right organisation and remit.

The key is to have the seniority and remit to deliver meaningful impact in a business, aligned with the problems you're best equipped to solve.

Identifying Your Ideal Business Environment

Your ideal business environment is likely one with a strong technology aspect. You may thrive in a start-up or scale-up environment, or a new business function. You might also be content in a large/mature organisation, provided your role is linked to a growth/change area and you have sufficient remit to make a difference.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Your target audience could be a Transformation Director in a large corporate or a CEO in an SME. These individuals are often time-poor, revenue-focused, and usually have only one route to market. They may struggle with process and focus, and this is where your value proposition can shine.

Crafting Your Value Proposition and CV

With a clear understanding of your core value, competencies, aspirations, ideal business environment, and target audience, you're now ready to craft your value proposition and CV.

Your value proposition should succinctly communicate the unique value you bring to a business. It should highlight your ability to solve specific problems, your technical competencies, and your career aspirations.

Your CV should provide a detailed account of your experiences, skills, and achievements. It should be tailored to your target audience, highlighting the specific value you can bring to their business.


Crafting a compelling value proposition and CV is a critical step in advancing your career as a CTO. Whether you're actively seeking a new role or simply preparing for future opportunities, a well-crafted value proposition and CV can set you apart in a competitive market.

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