Choosing a recruitment partner

If you are thinking about recruiting developers for your businesses, in 2022, it is important to have a solid recruitment partner. The ongoing concern, regarding the talent shortage of developers, is set to continue and according to ZDnet.com, the shortage of software developers is expected to hit businesses hard in 2022, hence why tech recruiters have already had, and are bracing for a tough year when it comes to hiring talent. 2021 was seen as a considerable drought for businesses looking to hire developer talent, with the COVID crisis pushing many people into using and developing online infrastructure and services, in an increasing manner. As we move into a more digital native society, all of this new and refined digital infrastructure is of course underpinned by code that requires increased developing capacity to build. Thus, in 2022, developer demand still outweighs supply and that means without a coherent recruitment strategy, businesses will struggle to find the right talent for their projects. This turbulent time for tech recruitment means it is the optimal time for self reflection. Now is the time for businesses to overhaul their recruitment process and select well suited partners. Those without coordinated benefits packages and hiring processes will struggle in an environment that is short of software engineering talent. Andy Peddar, CEO, Deazy discusses this current plight, stating that “there are two principal challenges for enterprises, capacity and capability. There’s a major shortage of developers, and there’s not a day that goes by that you don’t hear about someone who’s got problems with hiring or retention in their development team. Six-figure salaries are the norm, and yet organizations still can’t keep people. There are not enough people to go around essentially.” For businesses it really is go digital or die and this truly is reflected in the surging developer demand in recent years. 

As per Tunga, scraping the Indeed site for the number of times each coding language appears in a job vacancy, it seems that Python, SQL and Java are the most in demand software skills. Thus, those in need of developers in this realm will have to place extra focus on their hiring process to source the right talent. We have discussed many times, with our clients, that in more niche languages, such as Clojure and Scala, there will be an even more extreme demand and supply imbalance, with fewer developers opting to learn such skills, as opposed to those at the top of Tunga’s list. React.jss and Node.js remain important, meaning devs that can create client-server applications in one programming language, JavaScript, are also heavily in demand. Capital also continues to be pumped into the development of AI and blockchain infrastructure and hiring challenges remain in these realms as larger scale businesses look to find experts in these burgeoning sectors. Thus, it seems that this supply shortage is not going away anytime soon and this may cause prices of development projects to rise as businesses struggle to recruit the capacity to build these projects. That is why it is crucial for a business to have a solid

recruitment partner in 2022. Here at Nixor, we get devs. It is what we do. Let us take control and find the right talent for your organisation.If you want to take your recruitment to the next level, please do get in touch!