What we do and how we do it differently

We are not your standard recruitment agency.

With over a decade of experience, we work with both employers and developers to create matches that last. Like any job ad, each and every developer vacancy is different. The ideal candidate is not a cardboard cut-out and we don’t just send you every job we have on record. We tailor our recommendations to you. When looking for any new job, it isn’t just the skillset suitability that either party should focus on. Workplace culture, benefits, and personal fit are just as important. A mutual fit must go hand-in-hand with technical ability. 

For candidates, our recruitment process isn't as simple as other agencies. We ask you how important certain aspects of the job are, from location, the opportunity to progress, remote working, and more. Each category is scored one to five and you need to make a choice for each section. All you need to do is take 10 seconds to fill it out and we’ll come back with suitable options. We’ll also offer impartial advice about which ones to pursue - so you can be confident that your new role suits your criteria.  We offer an incredibly broad spectrum of roles so you will be sure to find that perfect opportunity. 

Our consultants are another reason that we are set apart from regular recruitment agencies. All our client-facing Consultants are highly knowledgeable and have a deep understanding of the software engineering sector and the roles in question, so you will never get an inexperienced recruiter talking to your potential candidates. This means that we always get the right people for the right jobs, time and time again. 

To highlight the high level of service we provide to our clients and candidates, both of our Co-Founders, James and Sam, continue to actively recruit on behalf of our clients. It is incredibly rare within the developer recruitment sector, and indeed the general recruitment sector, for individuals in such senior positions to play such an active daily role in the recruitment process. Having James and Sam at the forefront of the recruitment process for our clients, and candidates ensure that the high standards of our service remain consistent in bringing ongoing value to our clients. 

So we’ve talked about how we work for candidates, let's talk about recruiters. With many job adverts you will always get irrelevant applications from underqualified or just bad fit candidates, but not with us. We only share candidates that we truly believe are right for your role. By using our ‘developer wheel’ process we can offer four times as many well-suited candidates as other recruitment agencies. 

Here at Nixor, we work on both sides of the recruitment process to create matches that last.

If you want to take your recruitment to the next level, please get in touch!

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