Signs you may need a new job

There are various signs it's time to leave your job, whether your developer career has stalled or you're keen to move into a fresh field. But sometimes it's hard to know whether our discontent is job-related or simply that 'bleugh' feeling many of us feel in winter, particularly after two years of pandemic restrictions.

So if you think you are giving off signs it's time to leave your job, confirm the case and move forwards with our helpful guide...

Step 1: ID the situation!

Everyone is different but here are some common signs it's time to leave your job:

- You no longer feel a passion for getting into work. In fact, you may have started to arrive late, or not at all.

- You aren't performing or contributing in the way that you used to, and the thought of remaining in your current role or company fills you with mild dread.

- Equally, at performance review time, you feel that you can't go through the performance of mapping out your next steps, career plans or training needs, because you can't bear the thought of remaining in your role.

- You feel anything from mildly depressed to severely anxious - often represented as feeling trapped or unable to change your current position.

- You feel 'stuck' and unable to make changes, losing your energy and impetus.

- You are questioning your career choice.

- You are behaving differently at home or with your friends and no longer joining in social occasions at work.

- You simply don't care about your job, your career or your employer anymore!

Although these signs of job discontent are fairly generalised and may not all apply to your situation, you'll get the drift... and recognise some of these if you are currently unhappy at work.

If you aren't sure, then ask yourself. Am I excited about my developer career and the direction and pace I'm currently experiencing? Am I excited about getting up in the morning and enjoying a new day? Am I busy with interesting projects and new technologies or platforms, motivated and inspired, excited to see my colleagues and ready to deliver great quality work for my clients?

If not, then it's time to take the next step. Don't leave the success of your developer career to chance. You must be proactive and ready to initiate change if things aren't working for you. Remember, the industry doesn't stop because you've lost your mojo - your competitors in the workforce will be looking for their next steps and hustling to achieve their ambitions. So if you've lost the spark and drive that you used to have, prepare to refind it and to learn to love work again, with the right role in the right company!

Step 2: Take action

Before you start a job hunt, it helps to have a plan in mind. Know what sort of role it is that you are looking for. Is your developer career going in the right direction? Are you in the right role for your interests and skillset? Could you do with getting more training or experience in a new language, IDE or platform? Do you want to switch to a similar role in a new company or take a new direction to build up your experience?

If you are struggling with this stage, why not contact Nixor Recruitment. Our expert recruiters have plenty of experience when it comes to identifying the next best course of action. Nixor can help you to pinpoint roles that might be a great fit for your interests, skills and experience so that you can move your career forwards.

When you know which route you want to take, make sure your online footprint is recruitment ready. Update your social media accounts (or privacy settings!) accordingly, putting relevant portfolio work on your website or blog and contributing positively and helpfully to relevant forums. Also, update your CV so that they are scannable by ATS systems for the relevant terms for your next career step.

With your CV, cover letter and next steps in place, Nixor can help you to take your job search forwards. You'll be amazed at how much more energised, positive and excited by the prospect of change you feel once you make the decision to go for it. Don't sit there feeling stuck and miserable in a job that you no longer love. Free it up for the next person and make your next step forwards into a role that is a better fit for you at this stage of your life. Contact Nixor today and make that first step towards a career you love!

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