Recruiting Developers in 2022

With a more widespread return to the office now actualised, once again the developer recruitment space is set for another year of change. In order to keep you up to pace with this dynamic recruitment sector, we will run you through our key developments for developer recruitment to watch out for in the coming year.


Developers are independent


Firstly, developers seek some level of autonomy in their role, whether this be concerning a level of determination regarding their working from office and home balance or how they approach and build their projects. Developers are increasingly aware of their demand in the recruitment market and as such have a luxury of options when looking for roles.


Cloud infrastructure


Cloud infrastructure is becoming the norm and therefore job openings concerning the development of this infrastructure will continue to appear going forward. The future of cloud based tech will likely be increasingly open source and decentralised, meaning roles in fintech and blockchain companies will also increase in frequency, especially in the light of the recent and rapid influx of interest and capital to Web 3.0 technologies such as NFTs. As this focus on digital ownership and value continues to grow, so will the importance of cybersecurity. In recent years, most SMEs have failed to invest in robust digital defences, mainly due to funding, however many firms learn the hard way that this is not an area in which one can afford to ignore. Therefore, we expect that this will be a burgeoning market sector that will attract a lot of developer talent.




With Facebo… sorry, Meta’s recent keynote focusing on the future of AR, VR and their Metaverse technology, excitement surrounding virtual reality and related tech is increasing. These concepts have seemed rather trivial and still futuristic for quite some time, however it seems that such products are beginning to enter the mainstream and we are readying for rapid innovation in the space going forward. Another classic science fiction subject, AI, is also becoming a growing focus for technology businesses. Therefore, developers and recruiters must be aware of these market segments and be prepared for relevant job openings.