Emilie Hullah

0161 714 4154

About me

I specialise in placing .Net Developers in the North West & Yorkshire. Having previously recruited in the education sector, I now love the challenge and competitiveness of the development market.

As a recruiter, I’m really inquisitive and love to find out exactly what candidates and clients need. My work style is go hard or go home. I love to communicate and won’t stop until both the client and candidate understand the market and the needs of the role.

Few know that I’m also a qualified TEFL teacher and have taught in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand – it was fun but definitely tested my patience! The next three countries I want to visit have got to be India, New Zealand and Peru. I also love weird and wacky music festivals - any opportunity for fancy dress, music and dancing and I’m there! But it’s not all go, go go, in my spare time I try to practice yoga.