Agile Coach - Brand New Agile Hub

£75,000 + Car


James Shelton

Managing Director
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Job description

A well known UK Luxury brand are currently embarking on one of the biggest Agile Transformations in the UK. With their CEO and senior board driving the move to Agile, they are now at the beginning of a journey to build their own internal Agile Hub. This Agile hub will support all areas of the business ranging from IT, Software, HR, Finance, Engineering, vehicle production etc. 

The “Hub” will work to support individual business leaders, teams (squads) and of course the wider over-riding departments, to help implement a sustainable Agile environment. The goal is to not only help coach around Agile practices, but also to work with business leaders & department heads to create a safe physiological environment, for teams to feel confident in “not being afraid to try”, whilst working with the senior stakeholders to understand how to achieve outcomes in a sustainable fashion.

Given the size of the task at hand they are now recruiting a number Agile coaches to join this hub, but what does that mean to you…

  • - An opportunity to be “in at the start” on one of the largest Agile transformations in the UK.
  • - Ability to work across multiple departments to help “mould & implement” agile to different settings.
  • - A chance to really accelerate your career into Lead or Enterprise Agile roles.
  • - The chance to work in an huge organisation who are committed to change & championing Agile right at the very top (CEO)


Given the volume of roles and the nature of what they about to undertake, they are considering people from any background where you have been immersed in Agile ways of working. For example this could be a great opportunity to step into an Agile Coach role from a Scrum Master or Agile Delivery background. Alternatively, you might already be an Agile Coach but want to help guide a British institution through this exciting and historic moment in their journey. 

Within the role you will provide training to individuals who are new to Agile, including things such as supporting ceremonies, advising on Agile practices (within a Scale Agile Framework) and general coaching, by embedding yourself in a team to help with this transition. 

An important distinction within this role is the ability to understand the personal requirements of individuals within a team, to help move the whole group collectively. Culturally for this Hub, the ability & experience to “coach” is crucial. The understanding that there is a need to create a cultural shift in order to transition to a physiological “safe space” where a “fail fast, but give it a go” attitude is not just accepted, but encouraged. 

The Vision

The vision of this new Agile hub is to create a companywide culture of acceptance around Agile and what it means to all areas of the business and how they delivery projects. A medium term goal for the Hub (in conjunction with the L&D team) is also to help build internal communities, with “Agile champions” within their particular squads. These “champions” will help deliver basic training, whilst in the background the Hub will be creating a self-service e-learning platform.